The Big Book for Kids Journal

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Now available for pre-order!

The Big Book for Kids is a first-of-its-kind connection journal designed for children aged 4-10.

This unique journal encourages kids – even those who cannot yet read or write – to express themselves through writing, drawing, sticking, and building their stories.

We've collaborated with Children's Health and Education Experts to create a tool that helps children share their thoughts and experiences. 

Each Big Book for Kids also comes with a Sticker Starter Pack. 

Developed in collaboration with kids' health and education experts, our sticker packs are designed for your child tell their own unique story in the way they choose and process their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and relationships. 

With each sticker pack we also include a category-specific card filled with strategies and prompts offered by our panel of experts, guiding parents on how to use the right language to help prepare, guide and process experiences with your children. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not worth the price tag if in Canada

I've now paid almost $150 for 4 books and didn't receive them. The company sent out another 4 right away when I inquired, but when they arrived, I was asked to pay an additional $76 in shipping duties. I paid for shipping at time of my purchase and sadly now, I'm not willing to pay an additional $76 to receive something I've already paid for and paid for shipping. Too bad as it's a cute idea and I love that it's a female, Mom created business, but sadly not accessible to Canadian customers.

Stephanie White
Soothing & Engaging

My kids love their Big Books! They talk about how colors represent different feelings. This is a wonderful gift for any child. I’m also a Family Physician and recommend these books to parents/grown ups during well child checks.


My 7 year old yesterday - this is my favorite activity when I get home from school.. 🙌🙌🙌

Matt Cobleigh
Great for expressing feelings

Our kids are using the book to spark conversations about how they are feeling and sharing their emotions.

Emily Moynihan
Excited Kids

I gave this journal to my 10 year old son and my 7 year old niece and both couldn't wait to start filling it out! The stickers were also a BIG hit. I look forward to them reaching for this journal when they have big feelings or thoughts to write/ draw down, or fun experiences they don't want to forget. It's such a great tool and resource to have on hand.