Running of the Noses

Type: Book

Runny noses. Everyone gets them. You’re not alone! 

In the first book of the Piper + Enza series, Piper, along with her Comfy Crew Enza and Bird, support their friend Nicco as he experiences a snotty, stuffy cold. Along the way they laugh, share stories, battle dragons and learn that going to the doctor isn’t scary and can help you out— you know, because all doctors went to doctor school to learn everything doctor!

Don’t miss this hilarious, heartwarming story from Piper + Enza, a health and happiness company started by a group of parents who want to support kids everywhere with the journey of growing up—and dedicated to all the little boogers in our lives.

From The Children's Book Review "Running of the Noses gently acknowledges and validates the anxiety many kids feel about being sick and visiting the doctor while still offering reassuring advice. Piper’s upbeat character and the dynamic, comic-book style illustrations are the perfect antidotes to feeling under the weather. Peppered throughout the story and offered in a Q&A at the end are facts to help readers understand what a runny nose is and how it protects their bodies."

Customer Reviews

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Great read!

Both my 5 year old and 2 year old loved this book at bedtime.

A must have in your children's books collection!

What a playful way of explaining why the body reacts a certain way to protect itself! By making it fun and reassuring.
Also a good book to keep handy for parents who need to answer all the questions of their child "why is my nose running?" "Why do we get sick?"...
Clearly informative for both grown ups and children

Kristen B
Cute and Informative

My kids (3 and 5) were so intrigued by this book and the great illustrations. Although they didn't follow the whole story at first, they loved looking through at all the illustrations, and asked questions as we read together. They know a real Piper so they were excited to read about a Piper and how she took care of her friend. Later my older daughter was flipping through the pages on her own. It's a great way to get the convo started on doctor visits, shots and more!

Gabriella Braddock
This is a must have book for your little ones!

This book is the most amazing resource for my littles to explain how to listen to your body, and how to walk through the symptoms of feeling under the weather! My daughter (3 Y.O.) loves the graphics and how beautiful the book is overall. Make sure to gift a copy to the new momma or mama in your life!

Very witty and charming book!

My daughter really enjoyed reading this book and we both found it very funny. I loved that it has an interesting way of helping my daughter understand what symptoms are and navigate the different feelings that occur when you have a runny nose or just when your body feels bad from a cold. The graphics were also great and overall a cute story!