Breathe Easy Fizzy

Type: Body Care

A bath bomb with a magical rainbow trail!  We hope to bring some relief and a reason to smile for our kiddos when they are under the weather, with eucalyptus oil to help loosen and reduce mucus and make it easier to breathe. 

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, sea salt, apricot kernel oil*, eucalyptus essential oil, natural color, polysorbate.

*certified organic

Directions: Ages 3 and up. Place under a stream of warm, running water in the bathtub to dissolve completely before placing your child in the tub. Not for use in infant tub. 

Customer Reviews

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teeba Bloomer
Fun surprise!

My son is almost 2 and gets very nervous about things, so I let him play with the fizzy in a bucket in the bath before putting it in the bath water. To our surprise, it had secret colors that released as it dissolved. He got to point to each color and then slowly added the water into his bath himself. Super fun! It also smelled great.

Karina G.
These are awesome!

My kids know they will get the bath fizzies when they are sick and they look forward to them. They smell great, open up the airways and the kids get really excited about the rainbow. Such a great product to have around during cold and flu season.

Ashley Kim
Kids love it!

I have 3yrs, and 7yrs old kids! And they love it when they do bath. Especially rainbow part! And I think it really helped who has Stuffy nose :)