Breathe Better Butter

Type: Body Care

We love little treats that make us feel better when we're sick. Breathe Better Butter is one of those things we reach for. The gentle calming scent of this butter soothes us when we need some TLC recovering from a congestion caused by allergy or a cold, like a nice warm cup of tea.  

Carefully formulated with moisturizing cocoa butter and coconut oil with drops of essential oils including eucalyptus, lavender, japanese mint, and tea tree, the Breathe Better Butter chest rub can be used as needed on a child’s (or grown-up!) chest, back, and feet for natural congestion relief.  

Made with love in California.

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oil*,  mentha arvensis, tea tree essential oil*

* certified organic

Directions: Ages 3 and up, for external use only. Apply to chest, back, and feet as needed to aid in relief from congestion during a cold. Do not ingest. Do not apply directly on a child's face.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amazing product!!!

I love everything about this company. The service, the products and the mission!!! Wonderful experience ❤️

Smells so good!

We love this stuff! It smells really good and is a really nice comforting ritual when my kid is sick.

Kelsey Rousseve
Works wonders!

I use a pea size amount every night on my 18 month old’s feet after bath time. (I know directions advise for children 3 and up but I have been using essential oils for years including throughout both my pregnancies/births. Just works for this mama!) He loves the little foot massage and since using it he has been sleeping soundly throughout the night! If you love essential oils this is the butter for you! I’ve also applied it to the chest of my 4 year old when he had a cough and he didn’t make a peep throughout the night and well into the next morning. Great product!

Elizabeth Rousseve
Wonderful scent!

I love the scent of this breath better butter!